Financial Self Care

Our mission is to create a world of intentional and conscious spending.

We get away from the spreadsheets and graphs so you can put your monthly budgeting in the actual month by using a calendar.

financial and budget management

The Best Solution for Monthly Budgeting

The simplicity of this application will allow you to manage your expenses conveniently and maintain your budget in the most effective manner possible. It will also let you know about your affordability capacity and will enable you to plan accordingly. This application will assist you in the following areas:

  • Time-saving
  • Expense management
  • Budget management
  • Correct information

Why We Love This App

With the help of this innovative application, we are here to provide you with some wonderful features so that you can use the application with ease.



This useful feature will notify all the users about important and urgent events that will take place. For example, if the user has to pay their utility expense for the third month, Sckeem will notify at the end of the second month.


Filter & Add Expenses

Not only will you be able to add expenses to the list, but the app also offers a filtering option which will allow you to categorize your expenses in the following:

Priority/Non-priority basis



In the use of a Piechart, users will be able to view how much is spent each month and which category consumed the most of your balance. It will also let you compare to previous months.


Expense List in a Calendar View

Users will be able to look at all their expenses in a list and calendar view. This will help you know about the expenses you will incur in near future and will serve as a guide to your budget management.


User Dashboard

This feature of the mobile application will enable you to create your user profile that will contain all your information.

Why Sckeem

We believe that being in control of your everyday money choices and short-term goals will provide more confidence for the long run. Not only will it create more ease in the short term, but it will also allow you to invest, save for retirement, and save for long term goals with a positive attitude.

financial and budget management

No upfront cost

To benefit all users, Sckeem’s mobile application is available without any charges.

financial and budget management

Multi-platform support

Sckeem is available in the following platforms:

  • iPhone
  • Android

Easy to use

We have dedicated our platform to a user-friendly and interactive interface. This amazing application makes lives easier as it can allow you to track your expenses or financial and budget management anytime, anywhere.

financial and budget management
Solution For Monthly Budgeting, financial and budget management
Solution For Monthly Budgeting, financial and budget management

How the ‘Sckeem’ Works

Sckeem is an innovative mobile application that is developed to cater to the financial and budget management problems that are faced by most people. Users start by creating a profile then add in their information, opening balance, and expenses. The expense amount will be deducted from the opening balance and will display the remaining balance as well. Once you have finished organizing your expenses, the calendar does the rest.