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The One Self Care Topic Nobody Talks About

What’s more self-loving than having your finances in order? . . . Perhaps a lot of things. But still, anxiety around finances is one of the biggest factors in our stress levels of everyday life. Financial Wellness is too often left out of the equation when we look for ways to improve our emotional and mental health, so below are a few tips we’ve gathered for a little financial self care: 

1.) Set aside specific time to check over your finances 

          Whether it’s daily or weekly, setting a specific time devoted to finances will help create awareness around where your money is going and how much is being spent. Pro tip: Set a reminder on your phone so it won’t slip your mind!

2.) Say No 

          Learning how to say no is hard in today’s age, but it’s possible! Cultivate the habit of taking a step back and asking yourself, “do I really want to spend my time and resources on this?” Your friends will 100% understand if you can’t go to every event and eat out every time. Nothing wrong with a girls’ night in with some inexpensive charcuterie and your favorite wine!

3.) Be intentional about spending money 

          A great way to set boundaries around intentional spending is to start with a list of values. Write down what you value most in life so that going forward you can make financial decisions based on what’s important to your self care. For example, if health is on your list, then that gym membership and organic food should be a win in your budget! Spending money on what we value most helps us be content and guilt-free in what we buy.

4.) Get a money buddy

          Check out our blog post: Who is Your Money Buddy? You’re welcome 🙂 

5.) Set money goals

          How much do you want to save or invest per month? How much do you want to save by the end of the year? Wanting to go on that lavish vacay you’ve been dreaming about? Make a plan to make it happen! 

6.) Think about ways to increase income 

          Instead of using all mental energy about saving, get creative and think of ways to make more money. At the end of the day, money is supposed to be spent and there are endless problems that need solutions. 

7.) Have a money spending journal to help make you aware 

          Self-awareness is key to making progress in any area. Keeping a journal of what you’re spending money on will only help create more consciousness around spending habits. Once you start documenting your expenses, you might be surprised to see where some pockets of your money is going. Our app is a great way to keep track of where and when you spend money 😉