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Five Personal Finance Books To Add To Your Reading List

Whether you’re a bookworm or just need a break from looking at a screen, these personal finance books are full of advice and wisdom for any stage of life. Not only are they all by women, but each one of these girl bosses has gone through their own personal experiences and is here to prove that sharing is caring. Hope you enjoy it! 

1.) Financially Fearless by Alexa Von Tobel

          At the age of 25, Alexa dropped out of Harvard Business School to launch LearnVest. Now, she is the Co-founder and Managing Partner of Inspired Capital. Her book, Financially Fearless, covers everything (and we mean everything) that you need to know about personal finance. From budgeting tips to credit, to the different types of insurance and why it’s crucial, this girl boss/certified financial planner will make you wanna get your finances in shape yesterday! Oh, and did we mention she has a second book, Financially Forward


2.) Get Good With Money by Tiffany Aliche

          Known as the ultimate “Budgetnista,” Tiffany’s book is expected to launch on March 30, 2021. It will include a 10-step plan that will lead you to peace and harmony with your money. Besides writing a book, Tiffany has launched a global financial movement that’s helped over 800,000 women collectively save more than $100 million dollars and pay off over $75 million in debt. In 2019, she even made it a point to create her own law, The Budgetnista Law, that made it mandatory for financial education to be integrated into all middle schools in New Jersey! #Goals


3.) Secrets of Six-Figure Women by Barbara Stanny 

          Since this is one of my personal fav finance books, it was non-negotiable to have it on this list! Now known as Barbara Huson, this Financial Therapist, and Wealth Coach is passionate about women’s empowerment in the workplace. Her book covers seven strategies of female high earners: A Profit Motive, Audacity, Resilience, Encouragement, Self-Awareness, Non-attachment, and Financial Know-How. Her story will leave you inspired and ready to take on any work environment feeling powerful. Today, Huson continues to write as she has a new book, Rewire for Wealth, coming out in January 2021 as well as hosting retreats and mentorship programs to women across the country. 


4.) Clever Girl Finance by Bola Sokunbi 

          Not only is Clever Girl Finance a book, but it’s also one of the nation’s largest personal finance platforms for women. Sokunbi had a vision of free personal finance resources that turned into what is now a woman empowering reality. What makes CFG stand out is their engaging and supportive community (Potential Money Buddy, anyone?), as well as their incredible founder, being totally relatable. Moreover, CFG has been seen in numerous news outlets including Forbes, New York Times, and Glamour.


5.) Beautiful Money by Leanne Jacobs 

          If you’re looking for a good read that intertwines money and spirituality, this one’s for you. What is so intriguing about this book is that it’s all about a holistic approach to creating wealth and being aware of your money mindset. The author preaches that we ditch the mindset that we have to overwork ourselves to reach success, and how we can clear the chaos of everyday life to create room for abundance. Jacobs’ book is filled with wisdom as well as actions to take, and we are here for it!